Regression Spotter

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Risk management entails monitoring a large number of reports, looking for iterative variations and explaining these. Additionally, during investment on the underlying platform, changes impact must be managed, with the same process of looking at differences of indicators before and after the changes.

Unfortunately, in both cases risk controllers and testers spend too much time manually comparing data, distracting them from investigating and understanding the variations, with usually:

  • Poor quality results
  • Time to production pressure, particularly for “end-of” processes
  • Continual compromise between time and number of reports monitored
They face other challenges:
  • Business data archiving for auditing or knowledge base
  • Dependency on key personnel
  • High operational risk (human error)

Managing the comparison of large amount of reports should be automated easing the regression testing and the financial changes validation when upgrading a Kondor+ plateform.

Main Features

  • Analyses your Core or Customized reports
  • Compares them and highlightes the differences in different colors
  • Reports on all the mismatches, at high level, but also with drill down capability to fine tune the differences