Kondor+ Upgrade Service

Kondor+ as all software requires regular maintenance. That maintenance takes the form of minor upgrades for fixes and patches, and major upgrades bringing new functionalities but also major changes such as data model changes, API, introduction of new technology, etc.
Although this is unavoidable and in a sense is a protection of the client investment, such an upgrade can result in a painful project.
The 2LA company has been working on Kondor+ 3.0 version since the release of the "Early Access Program" in 2006. Moreover we have strong knowledge of customer needs and we attune to the need of the Kondor+ user community. According to that, we are able to provide you a high added value services to help you saving time and money throughout your Kondor+ upgrade project.

Where do we step in?

A Kondor+ 3.x Upgrade project may have new functionalities as business drivers.
But preserving the company investment in the form of custom developments and interfaces is essential.
The project plan below is a generic plan to highlight the main phases of such an upgrade project which shows where we, the 2LA company, could step in.

The purpose of this plan is to show the main phases and their sequencing but not the durations as this is specific to each client. Therefore, do not take into consideration the tasks lengths.

How do we step in?

There are two fundamental parts in an uprade project: the core upgrade and the customization upgrade.

Core Upgrade

The core upgrade is focused on the product upgrade of Kondor+™ from Thomson Reuters. The 2LA solution to achieve this goal is part of the following leverages:

  • Products - OneStep to automate the upgrade process
  • Services - Core upgrade metrics for infrastructure design

Customization Upgrade

The customization upgrade, focused on the impact of the upgrade on the client investment. The 2LA solution to achieve this goal is part of the following leverages:

  • Products - Kustom Impact Analyser to perform automatic custom code impact analysis
  • Services - Kustom migration strategy, providing a strategy to deal with all changes highlighted by the KIA
  • Services - Kustom migration, executing the code migration

Customer benefits

Our offering and experience can help dramatically to:

  • Reduce your operational Risk
  • Save substantial costs
  • Focus on how to maximize use of new functionality

For more details about our Kondor+ upgrade service, read the client value proposition or the white paper.