Managing a Kondor+ upgrade project requires implementing and maintaining many upgraded environments which consumes resources and needs to be estimated.

Such an environment migration is a manual exercise with an increasing risk if the number of Kondor+ versions to be handled is more than one (for example migrating from Kondor+ 2.5 or Kondor+ 2.6 to Kondor+ 3.x) but also due to the number of intermediary patches to be deployed. Moreover Kondor+ 3.x additional loads and patches can contribute to this complexity.

Having recognized the importance of this step, we have invested in developing a core automation tool which can be customized to each client specific situation. On that basis, we can create on demand the Kondor+ core upgrade, you only have to manage the deployment of its customization. This would be an automated, single step “core” upgrade process whatever the current Kondor+ source version (Kondor+ 2.x or 3.x) that can be used numerous times, giving the project flexibility in terms of number of environments, but also in terms of migration strategy.

The OneStep  tool allows performing tailor made upgrades between any versions of Kondor+. This relies on a scenario defined by us but also tested on a database designated by you.

See a Kondor+ upgrade workflow example handled by the OneStep tool.

Main features

Fully automated upgrade

  • One set of parameters before the upgrade launch
  • Between any two versions
  • No manual intervention
  • Entry points for customization

Tailor made

  • Source and target version
  • Upgrade steps optimized for performance
  • Scenario can rely on customer specificities


  • Scenario based
  • Tasks execution in sequential or parallel modes
  • Execution modes per task: auto, semi-auto, manual
  • Possibility to resume the scenario execution from any point (task)

Centralized log management

  • Global log
  • Log per upgrade task