Kustom Impact Analyser

A Kondor+ or K+TP Upgrade makes structural changes to the kplus database and those changes have many impacts on your Kondor+ or K+TP customized developments, especially when migrating to Kondor+ or K+TP version 3.x.

As a result, critical queries, reports and processes may fail due to incompatibilities between the SQL custom code and the database structures.
Therefore one of the most critical phases in a Kondor+ Upgrade project is the analysis of the customized developments and the associated execution part. In this analysis phase, exhaustivity is key.
Using a “trial and error” approach to migrate your customized code is very risky due to insidious impacts which do not affect SQL compilation but most of all as your migration is not under control. [See our example]

The KIA tool generates a tailor made HTML report for the following audience:

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers


Main Benefits of using the KIA for your Kondor+ or K+TP upgrade project

  • Get impact metrics to estimate your migration budget, resource allocation and environment booking
  • Upgrade your SQL customized code at least 5 times faster than using a "trial and error" approach
  • Get all impacts on your import and export interfaces
  • Monitor and control the migration progress
  • Test only what has changed!